October 20

Mastering the Anxiety Game in Clinical Practice: Rapid Change for the Anxious Mind

King of Prussia, PA

Therapists are supposed to make clients safe and secure, creating a cozy haven from a cruel world, right? Well, when it comes to treating anxiety, growing evidence shows that the quickest, most effective approach involves instructing them to ramp up their fears while telling themselves how much they welcome the experience. Join internationally recognized expert and author in the treatment of anxiety disorders, Reid Wilson, PhD, for this cutting edge seminar. You will learn how to rapidly engage anxious clients in the therapeutic alliance and then help them shift their relationship with their fears and override the responses that perpetuate them. You’ll explore paradoxical strategies to help clients transform their anxieties and worries from intimidating threats into challenges that they can meet and conquer. The goal is to persuade clients to adopt a self-help protocol to voluntarily, purposely and aggressively seek out uncertainty moment-by-moment.

Pesi, Inc